Dinner at Maggiano’s

It is very rare for a college student to get to go to a fancy restaurant while at school (without their parents taking them there), so, when it does happen, it is a very special event. This past weekend a group of friends and I went to Maggiano’s Little Italy, a very nice Italian restaurant. I personally do not have the money to blow on a very delicious, yet very expensive, meal at a restaurant like that, but a friend of mine was lucky enough to win a $100 gift card, courtesy of Concordia, because he was won Best Fan at a women’s hockey game back a couple months. He was also nice enough to share that $100 with six of his friends, myself included. more “Dinner at Maggiano’s”

NCAA Finals

In honor of the end of March Madness, Concordia hosted an event to watch the NCAA final game. They had a free party in the Albrecht lounge to get people together to watch the Gonzaga Bulldogs face off against the North Carolina Tar Heels on Monday. None of those teams are special to Wisconsin, but I am sure there are some students who liked those teams, and it was just fun to get together and watch it. The best part of the event was the fact that Concordia provided a nacho bar (where you could eat as much as you wanted) and free sodas. In addition, the Albrecht lounge has a lot of games that you can play while watching the game, including darts, arcade games, and a ping pong table. more “NCAA Finals”

Beauty and the Beast

Who does not like live action Disney movies for FREE? Well, at two different showing times on the 28th, Concordia took students to the movies. It was all 100% free, plus they bused us to and from the movie theater (that is only a couple minutes down the road, so you could have driven yourself if you really wanted to). In addition to the movie ticket, at the earlier showing time, there was free pizza, and it was basically unlimited because they just kept it coming whenever it ran out. It was pretty great pizza, too, because I love thin crust. But wait, there’s more! We also got free refillable sodas and a small popcorn to increase our movie enjoyment experience! more “Beauty and the Beast”

Craft Night

Again, I would like to say that Education Club is the greatest club on campus. This past Friday night they hosted a craft night for members (or even nonmembers because they are so nice) who RSVP’ed. The focus of the crafting that night, to the delight of many future educators, was decorating clip boards. To many of you that may sound boring or cheesy or weird, but to me and a good amount of other people, it was exciting. I honestly looked forward to this club event for about a month because it meant a FREE clipboard that I could decorate such that it fit my personality, which meant that I put a sticker with a cat on it, of course. more “Craft Night”

Church Worker Banquet

As a church work major, which does indeed include Lutheran school’s teachers, there are quite a few perks. Aside from immensely helpful scholarships from the school and home churches, there are some events provided to us by this school. This past Sunday there was a banquet for church workers at the Highland House, a really delicious restaurant just down the road from CUW who also love supporting the school and has employed a fair amount of students. One of the best parts about this banquet was that all of the food was 100% free, no money and no meal swipes, AND it was all you can eat tacos and Mexican rice (as well as the unlimited drinks refills). more “Church Worker Banquet”

The Night Before Finals Week: Part III

I guess there used to be a tradition here at CUW, like 10 or so years before even I got here, where the faculty used to serve breakfast to students the night before finals week. That’s really cool. Lucky for me and this year’s students they started it again! So after the acapella concert my friends and I decided that we wanted to check out the whole breakfast thing. I kind of expected that it would be really low-key, with professors and faculty sitting us down and things like that. Boy was I wrong. more “The Night Before Finals Week: Part III”