Dancing through the Decades

What decade has your favorite music? Well, at the Dancing through the Decades spring formal, they played all the decades. They started in the ‘40s while we arrived and made it to the beginning of the ‘60s by time dinner was over and it was time to dance. Speaking of dinner, the food was amazing! For the measly ticket price of $10 (or $15 for a couple), there was all you can eat ravioli, brisket, salmon, bread, and cheesy potatoes. You could also get (up to two) free drinks of your choosing, and dessert consisted of mini individual cheesecakes—chocolate or vanilla with strawberries—served with coffee, my favorite! more “Dancing through the Decades”

Dinner at Maggiano’s

It is very rare for a college student to get to go to a fancy restaurant while at school (without their parents taking them there), so, when it does happen, it is a very special event. This past weekend a group of friends and I went to Maggiano’s Little Italy, a very nice Italian restaurant. I personally do not have the money to blow on a very delicious, yet very expensive, meal at a restaurant like that, but a friend of mine was lucky enough to win a $100 gift card, courtesy of Concordia, because he was won Best Fan at a women’s hockey game back a couple months. He was also nice enough to share that $100 with six of his friends, myself included. more “Dinner at Maggiano’s”

NCAA Finals

In honor of the end of March Madness, Concordia hosted an event to watch the NCAA final game. They had a free party in the Albrecht lounge to get people together to watch the Gonzaga Bulldogs face off against the North Carolina Tar Heels on Monday. None of those teams are special to Wisconsin, but I am sure there are some students who liked those teams, and it was just fun to get together and watch it. The best part of the event was the fact that Concordia provided a nacho bar (where you could eat as much as you wanted) and free sodas. In addition, the Albrecht lounge has a lot of games that you can play while watching the game, including darts, arcade games, and a ping pong table. more “NCAA Finals”

Beauty and the Beast

Who does not like live action Disney movies for FREE? Well, at two different showing times on the 28th, Concordia took students to the movies. It was all 100% free, plus they bused us to and from the movie theater (that is only a couple minutes down the road, so you could have driven yourself if you really wanted to). In addition to the movie ticket, at the earlier showing time, there was free pizza, and it was basically unlimited because they just kept it coming whenever it ran out. It was pretty great pizza, too, because I love thin crust. But wait, there’s more! We also got free refillable sodas and a small popcorn to increase our movie enjoyment experience! more “Beauty and the Beast”

Get Down with Down Syndrome Dance-a-thon

I just love all the volunteer opportunities that campus provides, as well as the amazing support system for people with disabilities. In case you didn’t know, we share a campus with Bethesda College residents. Bethesda helps students with disabilities and teaches them great skills about living independently. This past Saturday, Concordia hosted a fundraiser for the nearby Down Syndrome Achievement Center called Gigi’s Playhouse. The event was a Dance-a-thon called Get Down with Down Syndrome. Walking into the event that took place in the environmental building was instantly heartwarming and put a smile on everyone’s faces. It was a wonderful gathering of kids with Down Syndrome of all ages, their families, Concordia students, and other supporters. more “Get Down with Down Syndrome Dance-a-thon”

Ethiopian Restaurant

This semester, I have had the privilege to be in a class titled Culture in Rehabilitation.  Although understanding different cultures will be crucial towards my success as an Occupational Therapist, I certainly don’t think that health-care related fields are the only majors that should focus on being well-rounded in culture.

My culture class has opened my eyes to thinking about things that might otherwise not cross my mind.  After having to come up with cultural competency plan, I realized how many things I could be doing around my campus in order to become more culturally diverse and aware.  One of the major things that I, and quite a few of my other O.T. friends, noticed was that we do not go out to very many ethnic restaurants.

Because Milwaukee is a very culturally diverse city, we had no problem finding different restaurants that we wanted to check out.  After forming a group chat of about 15 people from my culture class, we found a date and a time to check out a local Ethiopian restaurant.  It was super interesting to be able to go to experience their style of dining.

When we arrived, we were definitely the stand-outs in the restaurant.  We ordered two giant group dishes, which included a variety of foods such as spicy lamb, fajita-style chicken/peppers, and tons of mixed vegetables.  In addition, we learned to eat the food by using our hands and breaking off palm-sized pieces of bread to hold the food in.  All of us enjoyed the food and the experience!

Following this, we went slightly back to our American trends, and we spontaneously decided to stop at Culver’s for some finishing custard.  The night was both cultural and fun!