End of the Semester

The end of the semester and finals week is creeping closer. It can really sneak up on you, but if you prepare yourself and do not procrastinate, you’ll be on top of everything and it’ll be a breeze. Don’t let finals freak you out. Everyone survives them, and you can too!

The Hiding Place

Finals week is approaching and some serious studying needs to be done. There are papers, tests, and, of course, the finals themselves. There are tons of great places on campus to study, but getting off campus is a great way to shake things up. There is this super cool, “secret” coffee hangout called The Hiding Place. Coffee and caffeine are the driving forces of the college experience, and it is amazing when it can be gotten cheap. At The Hiding Place, they have cheap coffee and variety of options, most for a dollar or less, and it is run by CUW students in a church basement about five minutes away from campus. more “The Hiding Place”

Finals Week

Finals week.. it’s the week that every high schooler dreads before they go to college.  It’s the week that every college students dreads for the whole semester.  It’s the week that every college alumni member talks about being the worst part of college.

For once, though, I didn’t feel a lot of pressure or fear around finals weeks.  In fact, my life was actually a bit simpler during this week.  And honestly, this is because I was fortunate enough to have my finals spaced out evenly throughout the week.  In addition, I had no morning finals, so I was able to sleep in for the week as well. more “Finals Week”

Concordia Against Stress

It is inevitable that stressful times come up during college, specifically as you are nearing finals and the end of the semester. Concordia is well aware and does a lot to combat the dreadful feelings. They want their students performing their best for their tests, so on many of the days they provided some sort of stress relieving activity or handout. One day they put little pieces of bubble wrap all over campus on random tables and counters. Honestly, even as I am in college, bubble wrap still does the trick! It is amazingly stress relieving. Also, stapled to the bubble wrap were little pieces of paper with yoga poses and five ways to eliminate stress: water, meditation, watching movies, laughing, and avoiding processed food. Honestly, the yoga pose on my paper was my favorite; it’s the “child pose” where you curl up into a ball with your face in the ground. more “Concordia Against Stress”

Late Night Breakfast

Ever crave breakfast food late at night? Well, the Sunday evening before finals began, the Concordia staff hosted a free (no meal swipe needed) breakfast at ten at night. Anyone could stop by and stay and eat or take the food back to their room to munch on while doing some late night cramming. They had waffles, hash browns, eggs, sausage, candy, coffee, and some other things. It was nice being able to get something to eat after using so much brain power all weekend. It was also cool seeing the faculty serving the food to you instead of the usual cafeteria workers. They were all very adamant on everyone getting their fill and taking as much as they wanted. Everyone was super nice. more “Late Night Breakfast”

It’s Already Over

I blinked and it was over..

I think college is the one consistent time in your life that seems to fly by faster than you could have ever imagined.  I cannot believe that I am already writing about finishing up the first semester of my sophomore year.  I could have sworn that I moved in just a few weeks ago.

more “It’s Already Over”