Weekend Fun

Coming out of high school, I was never sure what college weekends would look like for me.  I definitely was not a party girl in my past and I had no intentions of going that route when I reached college.  But every portrayal of college weekends seemed to have partying as the main focus.  Thankfully for the mind and body, I have avoided all of the drinking and smoking, and I have found ways to thoroughly enjoy my weekends.

This past weekend, I was able to start by going out bowling with friends.  Following this, I went and hung out at a relative’s house, where I was able to sit around and talk with great friends and family.  The next day, I had to be productive because I work in admissions as a student ambassador, and I needed to interview a number of students.  I found it exhilarating to talk with students who wanted to do exactly what I get to do throughout the week.  As a student ambassador, I give tours and work reception… but mostly, I get the opportunity to speak to students about my absolute love for my school.

After I finished, I met up with about eight others, and I played competitive volleyball in the gym.  Because the volleyball poles are left out in the gym and we bring our own net, we are able to play the game that we love whenever we want to.  After playing for over three hours, we decided it was time to hit the road and drive to my boyfriend’s sister’s house.  There, we were able to eat a home cooked meal and play games all night.

Overall, I find that every weekend is very different for me, and I love seeing what unexpectedly fun events come up!

Worship and Breakfast

It is always nice to have family in town, but it’s also always a nice plus when we are able to eat off campus with them as well. My brother, Zachary, and his wife, Anna, came to Wisconsin from Michigan this past weekend to hang out with us for a little bit. As Sunday rolled around, it was almost time that they were going to have to leave, but we were able to spend the morning with them which was still a fantastic time! more “Worship and Breakfast”

Easter Break

Personally, Easter is my favorite holiday because it has the best meaning to us as Christians. Christmas is great with the birth of Jesus and everything, but it is so overbearing with the advertisements and materialism. Easter still holds much of its original meaning (despite the Easter bunny and egg stuff). Because spring break is typically earlier in the semester than Easter is, most colleges do not give students time off for this holiday, but Concordia gives us a four day weekend so we can go home if we choose to celebrate with our families. Well, I do not have a car, and a trip for a long weekend is a little hard for someone that lives about seven hours away, but I went home with someone else instead. more “Easter Break”

April Weekend #1

The first weekend of April was a fun one! After a long time of planning, my brother Jonathan and I were finally able to take a trip down to see a couple of our aunts, uncles, and cousins. It was my little cousin Nora’s seventh birthday, so we made sure to take the trip to celebrate with her on her special day! A few weekends before, we were hoping to go down, but we were grounded at Concordia due to a massive storm pillaging through the Midwest. But this weekend, we were able to go! more “April Weekend #1”

College Student Perks

People constantly match being a college student with being broke.  I think it’s a little harsh to do this, because for the three jobs I’m balancing during school, I’d hardly say I’m completely broke.  On the other hand, when I write out my tuition deposit each semester, I remember why people say this.

College is ridiculously expensive, and even though I’d love to write a blog saying that I don’t find this to be true, I’d be lying to say that I thought otherwise.  Having a college education is certainly worth the cost, but it doesn’t mean that it’s an easy road for many.

Incoming college students don’t always understand some of the simple but touching perks that come with this “broke student” perception.  First, I have never received so many care packages in my life!  And to top it, none of them have been from my own parents.

A few of my aunts have stepped up to the plate to send me cookies, candies, bread, and other fun things in order to make my midterms and finals a little more bearable.  I have received tons of sweet cards and encouraging letters from people who know that college is not a walk in the park.  In addition, it’s so nice to receive birthday packages/sweet letters that are addressed to me and straight to my college, rather than my parent’s house.

I never imagined how much a wrapped up bag of homemade bread would mean to me.  Homemade food has a new meaning, and I find it especially delightful when it’s delivered straight to my school.

Catching Up With Grandma

Break is a time to relax and catch up with friends and family. This is a rule for me and has been since I got to college. I love break for that very reason which is one of the reasons why it is so hard for me to go anywhere for spring break. I just want to be back home in Loveland to catch up with people I haven’t been able to talk to in awhile. One such person is my Grandma Flo. more “Catching Up With Grandma”