Relay for Life

This past weekend, I was able to join in with many students and cancer-survivors to walk in the Relay for Life that was held on campus.  The event was both powerful and emotional, and I had no idea what this event would entail until I was able to experience it firsthand.

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Veteran Honor Flight

I have blogged about other Volunteer Club events I have attended, but this one was one of the coolest yet. We went to the Milwaukee airport to welcome back Veterans that were on the Honor Flight, where they get to travel free to see the war memorials in Washington D.C. with one of their family members. I was not quite sure what to expect for this event because I honestly was not even completely sure what the Honor Flight entailed and just how big of an event it was. A bus took us all to the airport that Saturday evening, and I wasn’t sure why we left with so much time to spare, but when I saw the immense crowds of people waiting there in roped off areas to leave an isle for those returning, I understood why. more “Veteran Honor Flight”

NCAA Finals

In honor of the end of March Madness, Concordia hosted an event to watch the NCAA final game. They had a free party in the Albrecht lounge to get people together to watch the Gonzaga Bulldogs face off against the North Carolina Tar Heels on Monday. None of those teams are special to Wisconsin, but I am sure there are some students who liked those teams, and it was just fun to get together and watch it. The best part of the event was the fact that Concordia provided a nacho bar (where you could eat as much as you wanted) and free sodas. In addition, the Albrecht lounge has a lot of games that you can play while watching the game, including darts, arcade games, and a ping pong table. more “NCAA Finals”

Mr. Concordia

Every year, a Mr. Concordia event takes place in the auditorium at Concordia.  This year was especially entertaining for me because I knew each of the eight contestants who were competing for the title of Mr. Concordia.  Each of the eight students was nominated by one of their professors because they displayed positive and entertaining qualities within the classroom setting.

First, the contestants come confidently onto the stage, while the very silly hosts (who are well known and hysterical staff members) begin talking about each individual contestant.  Following this, the contestants must answer a random question that is asked to them by the host.  Afterward, each person must perform a talent.

The talent section is usually the biggest hit of the night.  The talents this year included a few people playing the piano, a dancer, a DJ, a singer, a juggler, and someone doing a complicated dribbling routine.  The judges (who are also well known faculty members) then decide who the final four contestants are.

This year, the four included the guy who juggled light up balls in the dark, one who danced to rap music, one who dribbled, and the guy who sang a CUW song.  After answering another round of difficult questions, along with giving their best runway model walk, the judges were able to narrow down the group even further.

Fortunately for me, one of my best friends (who was the one who impressively dribbled), along with another sophomore (who was incredibly talented at juggling) were the ones to make it to the very end.  Although both contestants did a really great job, my friend took second place.

This event is always one that students look forward to every year, and the auditorium tends to be filled to the brim.

Super Bowl Party

Despite not actually being a national holiday, the Super Bowl is one of the biggest event of the year for Americans all across the country, especially for those whose team is playing. This year the Patriots faced the Falcons, but, despite being from Michigan, I was really hoping the Packers would make it, so that I could experience a Packer Super Bowl game in Wisconsin. Regardless, it was a pretty fun game, and Concordia held a party for the super bowl with tons of food and events to take part in while the football game was going on on the big screen in the Albrecht lounge. There were also many couches and chairs to sit on, so you could comfortably enjoy the game. more “Super Bowl Party”

Final UPCO Event

There are a lot of clubs and organizations here at CUW. There are Student Government clubs, Campus Ministry groups, and sports to do. There’s even a group that plans out activities for all of campus. I have served this semester as the President of UPCO, a Student Government group of future church workers. We have monthly events where a faculty or someone from a church/ministry comes and speaks with us. more “Final UPCO Event”