Check It Out

In my major, I don’t have many finals; instead, I have quite a few projects. In two of my classes this semester (Advanced Film and Video Production and Multimedia Production), I have two semester long projects. One of them is an individual project which I can work on by myself in the time I want to do it. The other is a team project where I work with around four other people. This one is a little harder because I don’t just have to communicate with actors and actresses, but I also have to coordinate when our group can meet and coordinate what each person can and will do. Although it’s not my favorite, it’s such a great learning tool for me as a video production person since I will most likely be working with other people with other different jobs. With that being said, my favorite was doing the individual projects for Advanced Film and Video Production. When trying to figure out what I wanted to do, I talked to my mom and dad back at home, and my dad, being the pastor at our church, had the idea of helping him out for his sermon. I also wanted to do another kinetic typography, so I did that video as well for the Scripture reading. They turned out so well and I knew they weren’t just projects that my class would see, but they were being played in front of people and making a difference, perhaps, for these people. If you are interested in seeing them check out these links!

Easter Break

Personally, Easter is my favorite holiday because it has the best meaning to us as Christians. Christmas is great with the birth of Jesus and everything, but it is so overbearing with the advertisements and materialism. Easter still holds much of its original meaning (despite the Easter bunny and egg stuff). Because spring break is typically earlier in the semester than Easter is, most colleges do not give students time off for this holiday, but Concordia gives us a four day weekend so we can go home if we choose to celebrate with our families. Well, I do not have a car, and a trip for a long weekend is a little hard for someone that lives about seven hours away, but I went home with someone else instead. more “Easter Break”

Holy Week: Part 2

Good Friday is the saddest day of the year for me. It’s the time we celebrate the ultimate sacrifice, but remember that we are the ones that sent Jesus to the cross. But, at the end, we find hope, knowing the story is not over. Sunday is coming. more “Holy Week: Part 2”

A Good Day on a Bad Day

This weekend, we celebrated again the rising of our Lord and Savior from the grave, defeating death and the devil. What saddens me is when people only go to this service and completely forget about the Good Friday service. I want to ask them, “How did Jesus get in the grave?” Although I don’t condemn them for not going (obviously!), I want to encourage those people to attend those worship services they usually don’t, including Good Friday. more “A Good Day on a Bad Day”

He is Risen!

Holidays are great. There are no classes, there is time spent with family and friends, there are fun TV specials, and there are (hopefully) good moods. I especially enjoy Easter. It’s probably my favorite holiday in the church year. There is so much to love about Easter. It’s associated with so many wonderful things, including the ushering in of spring, nourishing rain, budding flowers, bright colors, good food, and great company. At church, exquisite flowers cover the altar, little girls are in their finest, most colorful spring dresses, and little boys look dapper in their bow ties and vests. Besides all of these lovely sights, there is one other important thing to love about Easter; the message. more “He is Risen!”

First Easter Away

This Easter was historical for me because it was the first Easter I was not at home. Thankfully, I have family in Minnesota so I was able to spend my time away from home with them! The weekend started with a five-and-a-half-hour drive with my brother and another friend (who we would drop off in the Twin Cities with her family…yeah carpooling!). more “First Easter Away”