Holy Week: Part 2

Good Friday is the saddest day of the year for me. It’s the time we celebrate the ultimate sacrifice, but remember that we are the ones that sent Jesus to the cross. But, at the end, we find hope, knowing the story is not over. Sunday is coming. more “Holy Week: Part 2”

Holy Week: Part 1

Holy Week is a time of the year that many people don’t realize even exists, but for many Christians, it is a time of emotional rollercoasters. It starts off with Maundy Thursday and Good Friday. more “Holy Week: Part 1”

More Than Just Volleyball

This year was the first year I was able to play competitive volleyball. Since I was in middle school or so, I had been learning how to play volleyball with my family. Then in high school, I did a few volleyball events at the high school gym. Then in college, I did intramurals, but decided I wanted to try doing volleyball competitively for once. We had a really fun season! more “More Than Just Volleyball”

April Weekend #2

It was a week after Jonathan and I took a trip down to Illinois, so my Aunt Barb and Uncle Don decided it would be fun to make a trip up to see my brother, sister, and I. We don’t usually get to see family two weekends in a row, but the luck of the Irish was on our side in the start of April. more “April Weekend #2”

April Weekend #1

The first weekend of April was a fun one! After a long time of planning, my brother Jonathan and I were finally able to take a trip down to see a couple of our aunts, uncles, and cousins. It was my little cousin Nora’s seventh birthday, so we made sure to take the trip to celebrate with her on her special day! A few weekends before, we were hoping to go down, but we were grounded at Concordia due to a massive storm pillaging through the Midwest. But this weekend, we were able to go! more “April Weekend #1”

Class of Networking

This semester, I am taking 16 credits with quite a few of my multimedia communication classes, such as Advanced Film and Video Production, Multimedia Design, as well as a class called Careers in Communication. This class does have a professor, Mark Wolf, but he is mostly the person who calls and emails people to come in and talk to the class about a lot of different communication jobs we could possibly get into. more “Class of Networking”