Dancing Thru the Decades

In the past, I imagined that college would be the end of the fun dancing events that I always thoroughly enjoyed in high school.  Thankfully, this did not wind up being the case.  Last weekend, I was able to join many Concordia students and head over to Discovery World in Milwaukee.  There, we were able to spend the night eating, looking at sea creatures, and literally dancing through decades of music.

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Dancing through the Decades

What decade has your favorite music? Well, at the Dancing through the Decades spring formal, they played all the decades. They started in the ‘40s while we arrived and made it to the beginning of the ‘60s by time dinner was over and it was time to dance. Speaking of dinner, the food was amazing! For the measly ticket price of $10 (or $15 for a couple), there was all you can eat ravioli, brisket, salmon, bread, and cheesy potatoes. You could also get (up to two) free drinks of your choosing, and dessert consisted of mini individual cheesecakes—chocolate or vanilla with strawberries—served with coffee, my favorite! more “Dancing through the Decades”

Homecoming 2k16!

One of the things sadly left behind in high school is being able to go to dances. They were fun-filled nights of dancing and friends, but it doesn’t have to come to an end. Concordia has a Homecoming dance that’s even better than the ones from high school. It took place at a very fancy banquet hall called the River Club of Mequon for a very reasonable price of $25 per ticket. You could go with a date, but it would be equally as fun, and not unusual, to go without one. Also, if you don’t have a mode of transportation or a friend with one, there was a shuttle bus that went back and forth all night to be able to take people to and from the dance when they needed (and it the ride was less than ten minutes). more “Homecoming 2k16!”