Turn Down for Dancing

Last year, our school formal, Dancing Through the Decades, was an absolute blast! I was a little skeptical about it because I didn’t like dances back in high school, but I wanted to try it out in college (plus my girlfriend was going, so I decided I would tag along!). Since it was so fun the previous year, I was pretty excited about it this year as well. more “Turn Down for Dancing”

Dancing through the Decades

What decade has your favorite music? Well, at the Dancing through the Decades spring formal, they played all the decades. They started in the ‘40s while we arrived and made it to the beginning of the ‘60s by time dinner was over and it was time to dance. Speaking of dinner, the food was amazing! For the measly ticket price of $10 (or $15 for a couple), there was all you can eat ravioli, brisket, salmon, bread, and cheesy potatoes. You could also get (up to two) free drinks of your choosing, and dessert consisted of mini individual cheesecakes—chocolate or vanilla with strawberries—served with coffee, my favorite! more “Dancing through the Decades”

Get Down with Down Syndrome Dance-a-thon

I just love all the volunteer opportunities that campus provides, as well as the amazing support system for people with disabilities. In case you didn’t know, we share a campus with Bethesda College residents. Bethesda helps students with disabilities and teaches them great skills about living independently. This past Saturday, Concordia hosted a fundraiser for the nearby Down Syndrome Achievement Center called Gigi’s Playhouse. The event was a Dance-a-thon called Get Down with Down Syndrome. Walking into the event that took place in the environmental building was instantly heartwarming and put a smile on everyone’s faces. It was a wonderful gathering of kids with Down Syndrome of all ages, their families, Concordia students, and other supporters. more “Get Down with Down Syndrome Dance-a-thon”

Dancing Thru the Decades

In high school, I remember thinking that by the time that I graduated, I would probably never get to go to another dance.  This fact was a little bit saddening to me, because at some level, I really love having a reason to get dressed up and to dance.  Since I am not much of a dancer, I never really dance at things outside of weddings or formal dances.  For that reason,  I was super excited when I heard that Concordia had a spring formal that students could attend. more “Dancing Thru the Decades”

Friends Meeting Friends

One of the very hardest parts about going to college is missing my friends from back home.  I always knew that I would miss my friends when I left, but it really is hard.  Although I have moved onto bigger and better things than high school, I still feel a twinge of pain in the fact that my best friend, Mckayla, cannot be journeying through the same thing as me at Concordia.  We snapchat each other on a daily basis and, with no doubt, keep in close contact.  Regardless of this fact, though, I constantly wish that she were by my side all of the time (just like old times). more “Friends Meeting Friends”