More Than Just Volleyball

This year was the first year I was able to play competitive volleyball. Since I was in middle school or so, I had been learning how to play volleyball with my family. Then in high school, I did a few volleyball events at the high school gym. Then in college, I did intramurals, but decided I wanted to try doing volleyball competitively for once. We had a really fun season! more “More Than Just Volleyball”

First Losses

I decided this year to join the club men’s volleyball team and this weekend was our first tournament. Sadly, since we haven’t been back for a little while, we haven’t been able to practice either, so we were going into the tournament a little cold. With that being said, we actually did a pretty good job. more “First Losses”

Trying Something New

This past year, it seems as though I have a little bit more time on my hands. I also have started playing volleyball more than I ever have throughout my entire life (if you check out some of my other blogs, you’d see what I mean. I mention it quite a bit). Volleyball has started becoming one of my top sports to play and I’m actually starting to get pretty good at it as well. more “Trying Something New”

A Cappella Christmas Concert

After a semester of hard work and rehearsals, CUW’s A Cappella Club hosted its first ever A Cappella Christmas Concert. All of the a cappella choirs, Fermata Nowhere, If Looks Could Trill, Tone Down for What, and Falcon A Cappella, came together on the Sunday evening before finals week to perform a Christmas concert in the auditorium. more “A Cappella Christmas Concert”