Mr. Concordia

Every year, a Mr. Concordia event takes place in the auditorium at Concordia.  This year was especially entertaining for me because I knew each of the eight contestants who were competing for the title of Mr. Concordia.  Each of the eight students was nominated by one of their professors because they displayed positive and entertaining qualities within the classroom setting.

First, the contestants come confidently onto the stage, while the very silly hosts (who are well known and hysterical staff members) begin talking about each individual contestant.  Following this, the contestants must answer a random question that is asked to them by the host.  Afterward, each person must perform a talent.

The talent section is usually the biggest hit of the night.  The talents this year included a few people playing the piano, a dancer, a DJ, a singer, a juggler, and someone doing a complicated dribbling routine.  The judges (who are also well known faculty members) then decide who the final four contestants are.

This year, the four included the guy who juggled light up balls in the dark, one who danced to rap music, one who dribbled, and the guy who sang a CUW song.  After answering another round of difficult questions, along with giving their best runway model walk, the judges were able to narrow down the group even further.

Fortunately for me, one of my best friends (who was the one who impressively dribbled), along with another sophomore (who was incredibly talented at juggling) were the ones to make it to the very end.  Although both contestants did a really great job, my friend took second place.

This event is always one that students look forward to every year, and the auditorium tends to be filled to the brim.

Catching Up

One part of coming home is always trying to find the time to see everyone I want to see. There are so many people who I either want to see or they want to see me (or both! Imagine that!). Especially when I have a month and a half, timing really starts to not be as much of an issue. So far this break, I have been to do several things to see and talk to people I don’t get to see all to often. more “Catching Up”

College Relationships

Coming into college, I always wondered if I would meet someone special.  In my head, though, I assumed I would meet someone down the line.. junior or senior year perhaps.  I imagined myself doing my own thing and living out the single life until then.

With a fairly hesitant mindset about dating anyone freshman year, I was taken by surprise when I met a guy that I really seemed to hit it off with.  It wasn’t love at first sight or anything, but when we got to know each other, we suddenly realized just how similar our values really were. more “College Relationships”

Christmas at Concordia

For any students who plan to sing in choir or play in band at Concordia, this event is definitely geared toward to you.  If you’re like me, though, and this is not something you decide to pursue in college, that’s okay too.  It’s a wonderful event to listen to.

Christmas at Concordia is a magical event that is held in the chapel in December each year.  The chapel, which is filled to the brim with families and students, is beautifully decorated with Christmas trees and lights, and the Christmas spirit is certainly in the air.

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It’s Already Over

I blinked and it was over..

I think college is the one consistent time in your life that seems to fly by faster than you could have ever imagined.  I cannot believe that I am already writing about finishing up the first semester of my sophomore year.  I could have sworn that I moved in just a few weeks ago.

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Finally Interning

For many programs in college there is a big final hurdle of sorts to get over before graduating. Sometimes it is a senior seminar paper and presentation. Other times it is an internship. Sometimes it might be both! My hurdle this year has been an internship at a local church. As a Lay Ministry student I have enjoyed the classes I have taken. Being able to put those classes into practice has been really enjoyable for me. It is nice knowing that my money has been spent wisely, preparing me for my future. more “Finally Interning”