Winter Recharge

New semester, new activities! And some of the old ones, as well. This past Thursday we had our Winter Recharge which is an event that gets people back into being involved with CMLT—the Campus Ministry Leadership Team. CMLT helps organize all of the bible studies that are held on campus, including other ministry related activities, such as street team which goes out one Saturday a month to feed and minister to homeless people in the area. Whether you were involved in a Bible study first semester or not, it is a great way to see what is going on because sometimes new Bible studies have been added, or you may find something that you hadn’t known last semester. more “Winter Recharge”

The Greatest Resolution

At the end of each calendar year, people start making resolutions, thinking about how we can change our lives for the better for the next year. It’s definitely not easy to do things like this because we have to admit that aspects of our lives need to change. This is a big step all in itself. And yet, this is what God did for us as well! He realized right from the start that there was a problem in Genesis. more “The Greatest Resolution”

Different Jesuses

Christmas Eve worship services are some of my favorite services of the whole year! One of them is our kids service, which the message is basically a massive children’s message with all the kids going to the front. The next is the Seven Lessons and Carols with Scripture passages, personal reflections, and carols. And the last one is a traditional service with a message from the pastor. I didn’t always go to this one, but it’s our Candlelight worship service and it has become one of the best. more “Different Jesuses”

Chapel of Christ Triumphant

One of the greatest blessings on campus is having the chapel. Whether it is a place you want to go for a quiet place to pray after a long day or you attend the services, it is an absolutely beautiful place. In case you didn’t know, the campus used to be a convent for nuns, the chapel was used by them. It has a high ceiling, an enormous crucifix that is lit in the front, and gorgeously intricate stain glass. The Christmas decorations are amazing, as well, and they really give the holiday feels at this time of year (including the Christmas lights and decorations they put up outside around campus). more “Chapel of Christ Triumphant”

Christmas Parties for Everyone!

It’s that time of year again with snow finally starting to fall (not as much as I would typically like), the temperature also starting to fall (maybe a little bit more than I like), presents are getting bought and wrapped, trees are getting put up, lights are being strung, and everything else that has to do with Christmas. And here at Concordia (and most everywhere else I’m sure), everyone is wanting to do their own Christmas party. more “Christmas Parties for Everyone!”

Fear Not!

At the end of the political season, many worry about the future of this wonderful country we have been blessed with. Yet God calls us to fear not, for he has overcome the world!