Holy Week: Part 2

Good Friday is the saddest day of the year for me. It’s the time we celebrate the ultimate sacrifice, but remember that we are the ones that sent Jesus to the cross. But, at the end, we find hope, knowing the story is not over. Sunday is coming. more “Holy Week: Part 2”

Holy Week: Part 1

Holy Week is a time of the year that many people don’t realize even exists, but for many Christians, it is a time of emotional rollercoasters. It starts off with Maundy Thursday and Good Friday. more “Holy Week: Part 1”

Beaten and Bruised

This past Sunday, I had the opportunity to worship at my own congregation at Immanuel Lutheran in Loveland, Colorado. Through this Lenten season, we are going through many of the parables Jesus taught while he was here on earth. This Sunday, we talked about the Good Samaritan, and my dad took a little different approach in his sermon. more “Beaten and Bruised”

Suffering Servant

I help lead a bible study every Tuesday night for men titled MENded, and during this Lenten journey to the cross, Jonathan, Evan, and I decided to talk about suffering. We were able to walk through some of the times that Jesus suffered here on Earth. As fully human, he did suffer in many ways. more “Suffering Servant”

Give It Up

Tomorrow is the start of a very special time of the church year. Ash Wednesday kicks off the season of Lent, a time where we, as Christians, remember our sin and remember why Jesus came down at Christmas. We look forward to that glorious day on Good Friday where our Lord and Savior took our sin away once and for all! more “Give It Up”

Bible Studies

I never realized the significance of being a part of a bible study group.  Because I grew up as a Catholic for my entire life, I never had any idea what it was like to truly open up the Bible and read straight from it.  Instead, I was far more used to going to mass and just listening to the priest speak.  Coming to college at Concordia, the concept of reading from the Bible was foreign to me.  In fact, when I took my first religion course, which was called the Bible, I was taken off guard.  Stories that many of my classmates knew practically by heart were stories I was hearing for the very first time.

more “Bible Studies”