Driving Range

I had never before been to a driving range, and, honestly, I never saw myself every going to one either. However, my boyfriend asked me to go and the weather was so nice, so I thought I would give it a try. I am a fairly coordinated person, and I like to try new things. The driving range is a mere mile drive from the parking structure to their parking lot. You almost don’t even need to drive when there is such nice weather. It is at the corner of the road that the school is located on, so it would be near impossible to miss it. The prices are pretty cheap (or at least that is what I’m assuming, considering I have nothing to compare it to in my nonexistent experience with driving ranges). more “Driving Range”

More Than Just Volleyball

This year was the first year I was able to play competitive volleyball. Since I was in middle school or so, I had been learning how to play volleyball with my family. Then in high school, I did a few volleyball events at the high school gym. Then in college, I did intramurals, but decided I wanted to try doing volleyball competitively for once. We had a really fun season! more “More Than Just Volleyball”

NCAA Finals

In honor of the end of March Madness, Concordia hosted an event to watch the NCAA final game. They had a free party in the Albrecht lounge to get people together to watch the Gonzaga Bulldogs face off against the North Carolina Tar Heels on Monday. None of those teams are special to Wisconsin, but I am sure there are some students who liked those teams, and it was just fun to get together and watch it. The best part of the event was the fact that Concordia provided a nacho bar (where you could eat as much as you wanted) and free sodas. In addition, the Albrecht lounge has a lot of games that you can play while watching the game, including darts, arcade games, and a ping pong table. more “NCAA Finals”

Run ‘Em to Death

Intramural basketball has finally arrived, and for the past couple weeks, our team has been in full swing. We have had three games so far, and it’s only going to get more intense. My team consists of me, my roommates Jonathan and Evan, and friend Big Joe, Isaiah, Henry, Noah, and Austin. Great group of guys, many of them in our bible study believe it or not. The first game was by far the best. more “Run ‘Em to Death”

Student Athletes

Student Athletes have a lot on their plates as to what they need to be doing. Prioritizing is going to help out a ton when it comes to making sure you’re up on both your academics and athletics.

Bike Tests

My roommate, Evan Parkhurst, is a exercise physiology major. To be honest, what he does is way beyond me! But, with that being said, I was able to be immersed in a little bit of his world last Friday as well as this Monday. For his senior seminar, he is doing a research project with several others do research on something to do with nutrients in the blood while exercising (like I said, I have no idea what he’s doing!). But, it was really cool to see how they test athletes from the D-III level all the way up to the pros. more “Bike Tests”