World Missions

I’m a Lay Ministry/Theology major, which means that I take a lot of the religion classes offered here. I have loved all of the ones I have taken, even if some of them have been insanely difficult. My favorite class of the semester has to be World Religions with Dr. Feiertag. As one could assume from the name of the class we focus on spreading the Word of God to the far ends of the earth. This is something that I had no real concept of, knowing that there were missionaries and all but not really how they work, what they do, and what they go through. more “World Missions”

The Gift of Life

In a recent issue of The Concordian, we shared the story of Kim Mittelsteadt, a CUW employee who donated bone marrow to someone battling cancer.  Since the magazine reached homes, we have had an outpouring of people sharing how they were moved by Kim’s story. more “The Gift of Life”