Finally On Top

If you are an incoming freshman you need to know something: YOU WILL TAKE THEOLOGY/RELIGION CLASSES! Hopefully you did not read that and faint or cry or anything else outrageous. The reason why is because the entire Theology faculty is so groovy and helpful. They care so much about the students, and not just their grades either. Dr. Paavola, for instance, is one of these professors. When I was going through a tough time he asked how everything was and prayed for me in class. That might not sound like a lot of fun or help, but it was. more “Finally On Top”

Want a Ride?

I have had so many fantastic experiences with my professors here at CUW. This semester, I am taking a course called Biblical Theology, looking at basically all of the beliefs of the Lutheran church. So far, I absolutely love it, and one of the best things about it is the professor. more “Want a Ride?”

Time for Pie

Winning Mr. Concordia has changed some aspects of my life. A lot more people know me now. Like a lot more. There are plenty of times where I will walk down the hall and someone will know who I am and I will have absolutely no idea who they are. And that’s alright I guess. There are faculty members here that call me Mr. Concordia now, and that’s alright I guess. I mean sure sometimes I wonder if they know what my real name is, but it’s alright. Once really groovy thing that I was able to be a part of since winning Mr. Concordia was the Pie a Falcon event during the last week of regular classes. more “Time for Pie”

The Statue

I’m not sure what it is, but colleges have some weird obsession with statues. Even on really small college campuses there is at least one statue out in the open for people to see. Even at Concordia schools this is the case. Concordia Nebraska has a statue in their Quad that depicts a naked man. I’m told that this is to represent Jesus’ perfection as a man, but to be honest it’s just really awkward. CUW even has a statue. Out by the lake there is the Boat statue as I like to call it. It’s really neat because if you get the right angle it looks like they could be on the water. Recently CUW dedicated another statue, this time one of Martin Luther. more “The Statue”

The Only Achievement That Matters

There are a lot of things that people want to achieve in life. Most people want to graduate high school. Most people want to go to college or some kind of advanced education. Those people more often than not want to graduate from their program. A majority of people admit they want to date, get engaged, and get married at some point. Some people grow up dreaming of scoring the final run/point/score for his or her team in the big game. People want that sense of accomplishment. more “The Only Achievement That Matters”

The Night Before Finals Week: Part III

I guess there used to be a tradition here at CUW, like 10 or so years before even I got here, where the faculty used to serve breakfast to students the night before finals week. That’s really cool. Lucky for me and this year’s students they started it again! So after the acapella concert my friends and I decided that we wanted to check out the whole breakfast thing. I kind of expected that it would be really low-key, with professors and faculty sitting us down and things like that. Boy was I wrong. more “The Night Before Finals Week: Part III”