Beauty and the Beast

Who does not like live action Disney movies for FREE? Well, at two different showing times on the 28th, Concordia took students to the movies. It was all 100% free, plus they bused us to and from the movie theater (that is only a couple minutes down the road, so you could have driven yourself if you really wanted to). In addition to the movie ticket, at the earlier showing time, there was free pizza, and it was basically unlimited because they just kept it coming whenever it ran out. It was pretty great pizza, too, because I love thin crust. But wait, there’s more! We also got free refillable sodas and a small popcorn to increase our movie enjoyment experience! more “Beauty and the Beast”

Active Shooter Presentation

Last week a couple of officers from the nearby Cedarburg Police Department, including a very experienced paramedic, to talk about active shooter situations. It was advertised mostly to education students because they talked about shooters in schools, but it was open to anyone, and they talked about shooters in all situations. In addition, someone else came from the police department to talk about drug use, particularly in schools. The information that they gave was extremely detailed and very informational. It was obvious that the people cared about their jobs and they knew what they were doing. The first officer talked about different scenarios and what the right and wrong ways to react to them are. If there is a shooter, do not play dead, actually try to do something because, if no one tries anything, the shooters stand unopposed. more “Active Shooter Presentation”

Flapjacks with Feiertag

This weekend, Saturday was not the day to sleep in. It was about 8:15 when I was bumped awake by my brother to go to a BUILD event about ten minutes from campus. BUILD is a men’s ministry here on campus that hosts the men’s retreat as well as other events. LIGHT is the women’s group on campus and does the same thing for them. At times, they like to combine and do some things together! more “Flapjacks with Feiertag”

Roommate Roundup

Not really sure who you want to room with leading in to your second, third, or even fourth year of school? Don’t worry! It happens to everyone. Either you’re a freshman looking to live with someone new, all of your current friends are moving off campus, you only have two people and need to fill a room for four, or whatever other reason there is to be looking for a new roommate, Concordia provides an event to help you meet other students who are also looking for a person or people to live with. It is called the Roommate Roundup, and it provides games and activities to encourage students to talk to other people and get to know them with the possibility of becoming roommates or suite mates. more “Roommate Roundup”

Craft Night

Again, I would like to say that Education Club is the greatest club on campus. This past Friday night they hosted a craft night for members (or even nonmembers because they are so nice) who RSVP’ed. The focus of the crafting that night, to the delight of many future educators, was decorating clip boards. To many of you that may sound boring or cheesy or weird, but to me and a good amount of other people, it was exciting. I honestly looked forward to this club event for about a month because it meant a FREE clipboard that I could decorate such that it fit my personality, which meant that I put a sticker with a cat on it, of course. more “Craft Night”

Get Down with Down Syndrome Dance-a-thon

I just love all the volunteer opportunities that campus provides, as well as the amazing support system for people with disabilities. In case you didn’t know, we share a campus with Bethesda College residents. Bethesda helps students with disabilities and teaches them great skills about living independently. This past Saturday, Concordia hosted a fundraiser for the nearby Down Syndrome Achievement Center called Gigi’s Playhouse. The event was a Dance-a-thon called Get Down with Down Syndrome. Walking into the event that took place in the environmental building was instantly heartwarming and put a smile on everyone’s faces. It was a wonderful gathering of kids with Down Syndrome of all ages, their families, Concordia students, and other supporters. more “Get Down with Down Syndrome Dance-a-thon”