Denim Day

Whether you wear jeans regularly or not, today was the day to do it. On Denim Day, it is encouraged for people to wear jeans or the color teal. It is in honor of and to increase awareness of sexual violence. The jeans represent how women have been accused of trying to get attention by their clothing, and the teal ribbon is the symbol for sexual assault. It is a hard topic to cover, but Concordia was very open and supportive today for those who may have struggled and welcomed those who want to join in the encouragement. A dollar (or more) could be donated to get a pin on ribbon—metal or fabric—to wear as another show of support for the cause. more “Denim Day”

Veteran Honor Flight

I have blogged about other Volunteer Club events I have attended, but this one was one of the coolest yet. We went to the Milwaukee airport to welcome back Veterans that were on the Honor Flight, where they get to travel free to see the war memorials in Washington D.C. with one of their family members. I was not quite sure what to expect for this event because I honestly was not even completely sure what the Honor Flight entailed and just how big of an event it was. A bus took us all to the airport that Saturday evening, and I wasn’t sure why we left with so much time to spare, but when I saw the immense crowds of people waiting there in roped off areas to leave an isle for those returning, I understood why. more “Veteran Honor Flight”

Dancing through the Decades

What decade has your favorite music? Well, at the Dancing through the Decades spring formal, they played all the decades. They started in the ‘40s while we arrived and made it to the beginning of the ‘60s by time dinner was over and it was time to dance. Speaking of dinner, the food was amazing! For the measly ticket price of $10 (or $15 for a couple), there was all you can eat ravioli, brisket, salmon, bread, and cheesy potatoes. You could also get (up to two) free drinks of your choosing, and dessert consisted of mini individual cheesecakes—chocolate or vanilla with strawberries—served with coffee, my favorite! more “Dancing through the Decades”

Dinner at Maggiano’s

It is very rare for a college student to get to go to a fancy restaurant while at school (without their parents taking them there), so, when it does happen, it is a very special event. This past weekend a group of friends and I went to Maggiano’s Little Italy, a very nice Italian restaurant. I personally do not have the money to blow on a very delicious, yet very expensive, meal at a restaurant like that, but a friend of mine was lucky enough to win a $100 gift card, courtesy of Concordia, because he was won Best Fan at a women’s hockey game back a couple months. He was also nice enough to share that $100 with six of his friends, myself included. more “Dinner at Maggiano’s”

Check It Out

In my major, I don’t have many finals; instead, I have quite a few projects. In two of my classes this semester (Advanced Film and Video Production and Multimedia Production), I have two semester long projects. One of them is an individual project which I can work on by myself in the time I want to do it. The other is a team project where I work with around four other people. This one is a little harder because I don’t just have to communicate with actors and actresses, but I also have to coordinate when our group can meet and coordinate what each person can and will do. Although it’s not my favorite, it’s such a great learning tool for me as a video production person since I will most likely be working with other people with other different jobs. With that being said, my favorite was doing the individual projects for Advanced Film and Video Production. When trying to figure out what I wanted to do, I talked to my mom and dad back at home, and my dad, being the pastor at our church, had the idea of helping him out for his sermon. I also wanted to do another kinetic typography, so I did that video as well for the Scripture reading. They turned out so well and I knew they weren’t just projects that my class would see, but they were being played in front of people and making a difference, perhaps, for these people. If you are interested in seeing them check out these links!

Easter Break

Personally, Easter is my favorite holiday because it has the best meaning to us as Christians. Christmas is great with the birth of Jesus and everything, but it is so overbearing with the advertisements and materialism. Easter still holds much of its original meaning (despite the Easter bunny and egg stuff). Because spring break is typically earlier in the semester than Easter is, most colleges do not give students time off for this holiday, but Concordia gives us a four day weekend so we can go home if we choose to celebrate with our families. Well, I do not have a car, and a trip for a long weekend is a little hard for someone that lives about seven hours away, but I went home with someone else instead. more “Easter Break”