Class of Networking

This semester, I am taking 16 credits with quite a few of my multimedia communication classes, such as Advanced Film and Video Production, Multimedia Design, as well as a class called Careers in Communication. This class does have a professor, Mark Wolf, but he is mostly the person who calls and emails people to come in and talk to the class about a lot of different communication jobs we could possibly get into. more “Class of Networking”

Academic Advising Week and Housing Applications

It is already that point in the year when we get to pick classes and housing for next year. It is a lot of decision making all at once, but it is also exciting to look ahead and make plans. There are also a lot more opportunities for classes, roommates, and dorms after you’ve been here a year and get to apply for everything in person. Here’s some information and advice on how its different from the summer before your freshman year, and what you do to make sure everything is all set up.

Active Shooter Presentation

Last week a couple of officers from the nearby Cedarburg Police Department, including a very experienced paramedic, to talk about active shooter situations. It was advertised mostly to education students because they talked about shooters in schools, but it was open to anyone, and they talked about shooters in all situations. In addition, someone else came from the police department to talk about drug use, particularly in schools. The information that they gave was extremely detailed and very informational. It was obvious that the people cared about their jobs and they knew what they were doing. The first officer talked about different scenarios and what the right and wrong ways to react to them are. If there is a shooter, do not play dead, actually try to do something because, if no one tries anything, the shooters stand unopposed. more “Active Shooter Presentation”

Fiddleheads’ Coffee and Studying

Studying on campus can get to be a little monotonous or distracting because there is so much going on and, if you live on campus, the whole place becomes home, and it can be hard to focus on homework sometimes when you have been doing it in the same place for so long. Some people may like the routine of studying in the same place every time, but I, personally, like to switch it up and have a change of scenery. Getting off campus helps me, too, because there are less ways for me to go off distractedly and talk to people or clean my room. Instead, I like to go to places, such as coffee shops. There are tons of cool places in the area. more “Fiddleheads’ Coffee and Studying”

CPR Training

I have always aspired to obtain my CPR certification, because I have worried that I will one day be placed in a situation where knowing this information will be vital to keeping someone alive.  Because my future profession is health-care related, I am required to have my certification going into my grad school program.

I wasn’t sure what to expect out of the 3 hour class I took with a few of my friends, who are also Occupational Therapy majors.  When we arrived to the class I was intrigued by the many large and small dummies that were evenly placed around the room.  After watching a few informational videos, we were able to start our hands-on learning.

The instructor gave us short demonstrations of how to actually perform CPR.  We learned how to do 30 quick compressions, followed by 2 breaths into the mouth.  We also learned how to use AED kits, which are located around hospitals, schools, etc. in order to keep a person alive during the wait of an ambulance arriving.  The AED kits include tags/cords that can be stuck onto a person’s skin.  This machine then verbally tells a person what to do next.  If the heartbeat is irregular, the machine will say “shock is needed,” and all of the surrounded helpers should clear the area.  Following this, the shock will be enacted and manual CPR should start again.

I couldn’t believe how exhausting performing CPR was.  I couldn’t last more than 2-3 minutes, because the compressions were so difficult to keep even and on-going.  I really enjoyed the experience, though, because I now feel that I could potentially save a person’s life in a time of crisis.

Special Education Observation

I know I talk a lot about how amazing the education program is, but it is, so I will continue the trend of talking about education because how could anyone even get to college without teachers? Teachers are the driving force of our nation, but I digress. For the education program, students have to get observation hours in different classroom settings for some of the classes, so I did my special education observation this week while on Spring break. I went to a school in Michigan (because that is where I am from) and observed a special education teacher at Lakeview High School. While most people would probably not enjoy going to a high school for fifteen hours during Spring break (not that this is the only time to get observations), it was still a very interesting and educational experience, as I have almost no experience with public schools or special education. more “Special Education Observation”