Movie Night

Last night was probably the last movie night I’ll get to have with two of my friends who are graduating. Now that they’re really leaving, I’m realizing we should have done it way more often. I’m just glad that even during finals week, we were able to set aside some time to spend together. more “Movie Night”

Spring A Cappella Club Concert

This year has been a big deal for A Cappella Club at Concordia. After adding three groups at the start of the year, the club has expanded and continues to grow in popularity. Last night was A Cappella Club’s Spring Concert, and the turnout was so encouraging. The four a cappella groups have been working all semester on really fun music, and it was finally time to show it off to an auditorium almost completely full of people. more “Spring A Cappella Club Concert”

Stomp the Courtyard

Stomp the Courtyard is an event hosted by Campus Ministry in the Chapel Courtyard. It’s a fun evening of delicious food, large inflatable obstacle courses, and a live concert. You have to at least go for the free food, because there’s no reason not to. After eating a tasty fresh pulled pork sandwich, baked beans, potato salad, and blue ice cream that tasted really good, my friends and I proceeded to watch people attempt the inflatable challenges and races. more “Stomp the Courtyard”

Class Visitor

We had a visitor in one of my classes today. She was probably the best visitor ever. Zoey, Concordia’s comfort dog, was in class because another student in the class is one of Zoey’s handlers. It really brightened up my morning to have her in my first class of the day. more “Class Visitor”

Nintendo Night

Last night, after eating chicken wings in the Nest, my friends and I engaged in some intense rounds of Mario Kart. The evening reminded me once again just how awesome Nintendo 64 is. Aside from how overwhelmingly nostalgic it is, the game is exciting and fun, and sometimes a little challenging.   more “Nintendo Night”