Weekend Fun

Coming out of high school, I was never sure what college weekends would look like for me.  I definitely was not a party girl in my past and I had no intentions of going that route when I reached college.  But every portrayal of college weekends seemed to have partying as the main focus.  Thankfully for the mind and body, I have avoided all of the drinking and smoking, and I have found ways to thoroughly enjoy my weekends.

This past weekend, I was able to start by going out bowling with friends.  Following this, I went and hung out at a relative’s house, where I was able to sit around and talk with great friends and family.  The next day, I had to be productive because I work in admissions as a student ambassador, and I needed to interview a number of students.  I found it exhilarating to talk with students who wanted to do exactly what I get to do throughout the week.  As a student ambassador, I give tours and work reception… but mostly, I get the opportunity to speak to students about my absolute love for my school.

After I finished, I met up with about eight others, and I played competitive volleyball in the gym.  Because the volleyball poles are left out in the gym and we bring our own net, we are able to play the game that we love whenever we want to.  After playing for over three hours, we decided it was time to hit the road and drive to my boyfriend’s sister’s house.  There, we were able to eat a home cooked meal and play games all night.

Overall, I find that every weekend is very different for me, and I love seeing what unexpectedly fun events come up!

Relay for Life

This past weekend, I was able to join in with many students and cancer-survivors to walk in the Relay for Life that was held on campus.  The event was both powerful and emotional, and I had no idea what this event would entail until I was able to experience it firsthand.

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Dancing Thru the Decades

In the past, I imagined that college would be the end of the fun dancing events that I always thoroughly enjoyed in high school.  Thankfully, this did not wind up being the case.  Last weekend, I was able to join many Concordia students and head over to Discovery World in Milwaukee.  There, we were able to spend the night eating, looking at sea creatures, and literally dancing through decades of music.

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Working in Admissions

Working in admissions has allowed me to be a huge part of the planning and behind-the-scene work that goes into making each perspective student’s experience a unique and memorable one.  When I applied to be a student ambassador for this school year, I don’t think I realized how much I was going to wind up loving my job.  My student ambassador role includes giving tours, working the reception area/taking calls, and help with anything that needs to be done on big admitted student days.

I love the fact that I am one of the very first faces that a person gets to know when they step foot on our campus (and for some, this the very first time ever).  It can be a challenge to reach people and have them truly open up to me, but I love forcing myself to get out of my comfort zone and to figure out what it is they’re looking for here.  Once I get to know a perspective student, I enjoy making their tour specific and unique to them.

To do this, I need to know more than just what they’re looking to study.  Although a person’s potential major can tell a lot about a person, I also believe I need to dig deeper and find out the roots of their passions in life.  If they are into theatre, I will go out of my way to talk about theatre.  If they are into sports, I will talk a ton about our different sports teams.  No matter who they are or what they love, I like to find their niche and show them why Concordia might be a perfect fit for them.

Mo’s Irish Pub

I have always been a huge fan of finding cool restaurants in big cities.  Because Concordia is only 25 minutes from the heart of downtown Milwaukee, exploring everything it has to offer is one of my most favorite things to do.  Last weekend, my boyfriend and I went downtown for dinner.

Because it was a Sunday night, we didn’t think the restaurants were going to be full.. but we were wrong.  After walking down many streets, we finally found  a restaurant that would take all six of us.  It was called Mo’s Irish Pub.  To start the meal, we decided that an appetizer (or two) of cheese curds would be a wonderful option.  To follow, we all tried a variety of fun Irish dishes.

When we were full and ready to go, we walked by to the parking structure and enjoyed the beautiful buildings/old structures that engulf this sweet city.  As the warm spring sun warmed my skin, I was able to finally relax a little from this crazy academic schedule.

Although it’s hard in college to take a whole weekend off from schoolwork (because there’s always so much to d0), I love to take a night off here and there to get off campus and hang out with friends.  Even though schoolwork is the main focus/reason a person goes to college, don’t let it take over your life.  It’s okay to mix in some great nights of fun, rather than only focusing on school.  And there really is nothing better than exploring a great city at night!

College Student Perks

People constantly match being a college student with being broke.  I think it’s a little harsh to do this, because for the three jobs I’m balancing during school, I’d hardly say I’m completely broke.  On the other hand, when I write out my tuition deposit each semester, I remember why people say this.

College is ridiculously expensive, and even though I’d love to write a blog saying that I don’t find this to be true, I’d be lying to say that I thought otherwise.  Having a college education is certainly worth the cost, but it doesn’t mean that it’s an easy road for many.

Incoming college students don’t always understand some of the simple but touching perks that come with this “broke student” perception.  First, I have never received so many care packages in my life!  And to top it, none of them have been from my own parents.

A few of my aunts have stepped up to the plate to send me cookies, candies, bread, and other fun things in order to make my midterms and finals a little more bearable.  I have received tons of sweet cards and encouraging letters from people who know that college is not a walk in the park.  In addition, it’s so nice to receive birthday packages/sweet letters that are addressed to me and straight to my college, rather than my parent’s house.

I never imagined how much a wrapped up bag of homemade bread would mean to me.  Homemade food has a new meaning, and I find it especially delightful when it’s delivered straight to my school.