Finally Interning

For many programs in college there is a big final hurdle of sorts to get over before graduating. Sometimes it is a senior seminar paper and presentation. Other times it is an internship. Sometimes it might be both! My hurdle this year has been an internship at a local church. As a Lay Ministry student I have enjoyed the classes I have taken. Being able to put those classes into practice has been really enjoyable for me. It is nice knowing that my money has been spent wisely, preparing me for my future. more “Finally Interning”

Finally On Top

If you are an incoming freshman you need to know something: YOU WILL TAKE THEOLOGY/RELIGION CLASSES! Hopefully you did not read that and faint or cry or anything else outrageous. The reason why is because the entire Theology faculty is so groovy and helpful. They care so much about the students, and not just their grades either. Dr. Paavola, for instance, is one of these professors. When I was going through a tough time he asked how everything was and prayed for me in class. That might not sound like a lot of fun or help, but it was. more “Finally On Top”

Final UPCO Event

There are a lot of clubs and organizations here at CUW. There are Student Government clubs, Campus Ministry groups, and sports to do. There’s even a group that plans out activities for all of campus. I have served this semester as the President of UPCO, a Student Government group of future church workers. We have monthly events where a faculty or someone from a church/ministry comes and speaks with us. more “Final UPCO Event”

Final Push

I have blogged a few times this year about my Graphic Design class. It is one of the coolest classes I’ve taken here that does not pertain to my major. We are in the final push into making our final project, a comic book, and it has been a challenge. I am, as of this writing, almost half way done, and our deadline for 25 pages is on December 6th. more “Final Push”

Finally a Wedding

Marriage is a wonderful thing. Being able to see two friends get married is something else. Recently I was able to go attend the wedding of my old roommate Cory, who has already graduated, and his fiancé Tori. I am not one to get all mushy and what not, but it was a really groovy wedding. The entire service the two of them were clearly excited and happy. I told them and their parents that I had not been to a wedding where the bride and groom were so happy but relaxed. Usually they are always anxious and trying to make sure that nothing happened that they did not plan for. Cory and Tori on the other hand were clearly excited, being well planned and prepared so that nothing could happen, and it allowed them to have a great day. more “Finally a Wedding”

Finally Shopping

This year I was on campus for Thanksgiving break. I spent Turkey Day with my girlfriend and her lovely family, but on Friday I did not have much to do. Heck, even on Thursday night I was at school alone. So I did the only thing I could think of: I went Black Friday shopping. Now, that probably does not seem like a big deal for anyone, and I understand that. However, my mom absolutely hates Black Friday shopping. For some reason she does not care about the deals or anything like that. She just cares about being with family, which is good! Maybe it’s her lifestyle spreading to me, but I have to agree. more “Finally Shopping”