Give It Up

Tomorrow is the start of a very special time of the church year. Ash Wednesday kicks off the season of Lent, a time where we, as Christians, remember our sin and remember why Jesus came down at Christmas. We look forward to that glorious day on Good Friday where our Lord and Savior took our sin away once and for all! more “Give It Up”

Bible Studies

I never realized the significance of being a part of a bible study group.  Because I grew up as a Catholic for my entire life, I never had any idea what it was like to truly open up the Bible and read straight from it.  Instead, I was far more used to going to mass and just listening to the priest speak.  Coming to college at Concordia, the concept of reading from the Bible was foreign to me.  In fact, when I took my first religion course, which was called the Bible, I was taken off guard.  Stories that many of my classmates knew practically by heart were stories I was hearing for the very first time.

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Men’s Basketball NACC Finals

One of the great excitements of campus life is the sporting events. Especially when it gets to be the NACC playoffs for men’s and women’s basketball. Starting Wednesday February 22nd, they won in the first round against Dominican with a final score of 97-64. Despite being merely a Wednesday night, the stands were packed, Freddy was pumping up the crowd, the cheerleaders were doing a great job in getting the crowd going, and to top it off, the whole pep band was there as well to make it as high energy as possible. With a pretty easy win, they went on to the semi-finals versus Aurora University at their campus in Illinois. There they came out with a close victory of 90-86, but it still got them to the championship round of the NACC tournament. more “Men’s Basketball NACC Finals”

Praising through Song

Haven is one of my favorite activities to partake in on Sunday nights.  I absolutely love being able to come together with my friends and to have the opportunity to sing.  Haven is a student-led organization that includes a band filled with roughly 5 students.

Haven usually consists of a few singers, a drummer, guitar players, and a pianist.  The students in the band lead the group who comes to worship.  Altogether, the students sing contemporary worship songs.  I find it super enjoyable to take an hour out of my study-filled Sunday to come together in fellowship, prayer and song.

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Soles for Jesus

As a great and easy opportunity through Volunteer Club, we were bussed to the Soles for Jesus warehouse in Brown Deer where we sorted, paired, cleaned, and packed shoes. The shoes are to be sent to Africa, then, to protect their bare feet from the pain and disease they can pick up from going shoeless. This, among many other things, is a blessing that Volunteer Club organizes for people to take part in, so that they can help others in the community or out of country.

So Close

Today was the first time this season I was able to catch a women’s basketball game, and what a game it was! We played the Lakeland Muskies for the NACC Women’s Basketball Championship. Winner gets a free bid into the National Women’s Basketball Tournament. It was an all-or-nothing, winner takes all game. more “So Close”