First Day of Classes

Okay, so, I’m an education major and I am kind of a nerd too, so don’t hold it against me when I say that I was a little bit excited for classes to start. I just like the idea of educating myself and learning and getting closer to my goal of being licensed for the occupation I want. I am not saying that I was necessarily looking forward to writing all of the papers and doing all of the homework, but I do genuinely like learning, and, as a future teacher, I’d say that’s not a bad thing. The first day of classes went about as smoothly as it usually does—which is a little rough. Don’t be surprised when you get freaked out about hearing the syllabus for the entire class, it seems overwhelming but it is totally doable. My thinking when something seems hard is that everyone does it, so I should be able to as well. more “First Day of Classes”

On-Campus Job

So classes started January 23rd, after a nice long winter break if you did not take a Winterim course, but I came back on the 14th because I had job training for the week before classes started. It was nice to have an excuse to come back a week early, plus I was happy to have an on-campus job (other than this wonderful job of student blogger) to get some more money. When you are in college you understand the constant need to make money, it’s inevitable at this point in life to low on cash. I got my job in the library which, despite the days of training it required, is a pretty simple job. more “On-Campus Job”

CUW-Marquette IPE Team Finish 2nd in State-Wide Case Competition

The Office of IPE @ CUW wants to congratulate our Concordia Health and Social Care students who partnered with students from Marquette School of Dentistry, the Medical College of Wisconsin and the UW-Madison School of Medicine to compete in the annual fall-winter Wisconsin AHEC Interprofessional Case competition.  This year’s competition allowed student teams to produce proposals to improve the health and social care for Native American Communities in the Dakotas.  Students were required to create a vision and a budget for implementing a culturally competent and person-centered holistic health plan for the Lakota community.

This year the Office of IPE @ CUW coordinated three teams at the regional level who submitted their proposals to AHEC in late fall.  One of these teams won the regional competition and were able to participate in the state-wide competition at the Kalahari Resort in the Wisconsin Dells on January 13th.  This group presented a 15 minute slide show and ‘pitch’ to judges who were tasked with assessing the merits and feasibility of their vision.

The student team of Forrest Beck (CUW Pharmacy/Team Captain), Britt Bickert (Physician Assistant Studies), Matt Briski (Pharmacy) and Maria Barnes (Marquette Dental School) finished 2nd overall in the 8 team competition.  They will share a $2000 educational stipend from AHEC. The local press covered their success as well.

The goal of the AHEC competition is to further interprofessional skills and competencies through teamwork and the intellectual exercise of the case proposals and vision, and obviously, these students excelled at both!

If you are interested in these types of opportunities and/or simply want to know more about IPE @ CUW – please contact the Campus Coordinator at


(left to right: Brisky, Beck, Barnes and Bickert)

Back to School

I don’t know if this is dorky of me or not, but I was so excited to come back to Concordia for the spring semester. I was even excited to be able to come back a week early because I had to do job training. The day was approaching and packed up all of the stuff that I had brought back with me in December (plus some), and my family loaded of the car to head out. It was fun because not only did my mom drive me out, but my two brothers came as well, one older and one younger. For me to get back to school, it involves a roughly seven-hour drive that includes going through Chicago, which can be quite the excursions depending on what time of day it is. We were lucky it was Saturday so Chicago wasn’t too awful to bear (no offense to anyone who’s from Chicago). more “Back to School”

Christmas Break

The Greatest Resolution

At the end of each calendar year, people start making resolutions, thinking about how we can change our lives for the better for the next year. It’s definitely not easy to do things like this because we have to admit that aspects of our lives need to change. This is a big step all in itself. And yet, this is what God did for us as well! He realized right from the start that there was a problem in Genesis. more “The Greatest Resolution”