Catching Up

One part of coming home is always trying to find the time to see everyone I want to see. There are so many people who I either want to see or they want to see me (or both! Imagine that!). Especially when I have a month and a half, timing really starts to not be as much of an issue. So far this break, I have been to do several things to see and talk to people I don’t get to see all to often. more “Catching Up”

College Relationships

Coming into college, I always wondered if I would meet someone special.  In my head, though, I assumed I would meet someone down the line.. junior or senior year perhaps.  I imagined myself doing my own thing and living out the single life until then.

With a fairly hesitant mindset about dating anyone freshman year, I was taken by surprise when I met a guy that I really seemed to hit it off with.  It wasn’t love at first sight or anything, but when we got to know each other, we suddenly realized just how similar our values really were. more “College Relationships”

Christmas Eve

Different Jesuses

Christmas Eve worship services are some of my favorite services of the whole year! One of them is our kids service, which the message is basically a massive children’s message with all the kids going to the front. The next is the Seven Lessons and Carols with Scripture passages, personal reflections, and carols. And the last one is a traditional service with a message from the pastor. I didn’t always go to this one, but it’s our Candlelight worship service and it has become one of the best. more “Different Jesuses”

Christmas Caroling

There’s nothing quite like Christmas without some festive caroling.  This year, my family gathered to sing like no other.  The day after Christmas was filled with some quality family fun.  After about 20 of us total finished our breakfasts at my house, we headed to the nursing home facility that my great aunt lives at.  There, we came together to sing through all of the holiday classics.

It truly isn’t every day that a nursing home is filled with cheer and joy.  Since I have worked at a nursing home for over a year as a CNA, I know this first hand.  I was so happy to be a part of such a wonderful group that was spreading Christmas cheer (even after the fact of Christmas).  Because holidays away from families can be very difficult for residents, it’s important that they have some interaction with those who can bring cheer from the outside.

more “Christmas Caroling”

Christmas at Concordia

For any students who plan to sing in choir or play in band at Concordia, this event is definitely geared toward to you.  If you’re like me, though, and this is not something you decide to pursue in college, that’s okay too.  It’s a wonderful event to listen to.

Christmas at Concordia is a magical event that is held in the chapel in December each year.  The chapel, which is filled to the brim with families and students, is beautifully decorated with Christmas trees and lights, and the Christmas spirit is certainly in the air.

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