Fear Not!

At the end of the political season, many worry about the future of this wonderful country we have been blessed with. Yet God calls us to fear not, for he has overcome the world!


Fishing Club!

I’m sure you didn’t know that Concordia has its very own fishing club. I didn’t when I first got here, but now I am, indeed, a part of said club. Don’t feel like you need to be a professionally experienced fisherman (or woman) to join. They take people with all skill levels and even have spare rods for people, like myself, who did not think to bring a fishing pole to college and live to far to get it from home. It isn’t a huge commitment either; you go to whatever meetings or outings that you have time for. In our last meeting, they even gave us goodie bags! It is always exciting in fishing club and out co-presidents are very fun people. more “Fishing Club!”

Cadaver Labs

I have always enjoyed my anatomy classes up to this point, which is hugely why I chose to go into a health profession.  On the other hand, I haven’t always felt inclined to listen to countless numbers of anatomical terms on the overhead projector.  This year, my bio class has been so much more than that.  The greatest part of my class right now is the fact that I get to spend time in the cadaver lab.  In high school, I always thought that working in a cadaver lab would be a pretty disturbing experience, but it turns out that it’s not only intriguing, but actually one of the best ways to learn.  There’s really nothing quite like being able to look at the exact muscles and bones that you’re talking about in class, and rather than having to look at an animal and guess roughly where everything would be on a human, you’re actually able to see it firsthand. more “Cadaver Labs”

Finally a Wedding

Marriage is a wonderful thing. Being able to see two friends get married is something else. Recently I was able to go attend the wedding of my old roommate Cory, who has already graduated, and his fiancé Tori. I am not one to get all mushy and what not, but it was a really groovy wedding. The entire service the two of them were clearly excited and happy. I told them and their parents that I had not been to a wedding where the bride and groom were so happy but relaxed. Usually they are always anxious and trying to make sure that nothing happened that they did not plan for. Cory and Tori on the other hand were clearly excited, being well planned and prepared so that nothing could happen, and it allowed them to have a great day. more “Finally a Wedding”

Students For Life

One of the student groups that I have joined at Concordia has been extremely impactful to me.  Led by none other than my three roommates, I feel closely connected to both the topic and the presenters.  It has been truly disheartening to hear about how readily available abortions are, and I have learned a tremendous amount about what happens during this abortion process. more “Students For Life”

Trying Something New

This past year, it seems as though I have a little bit more time on my hands. I also have started playing volleyball more than I ever have throughout my entire life (if you check out some of my other blogs, you’d see what I mean. I mention it quite a bit). Volleyball has started becoming one of my top sports to play and I’m actually starting to get pretty good at it as well. more “Trying Something New”