Parents Weekend?

Okay, so it wasn’t actually a formal parents weekend.. but when my parents decided to come down last weekend to see me, I considered it a parents weekend.  I find it so interesting how my relationship with my parents has changed considerably since I’ve gotten to college.  In the past, I always had a great relationship with them, but I rarely felt close enough to actually consider them friends of mine.

Now, as a sophomore in college, I truly miss being around my parents all the time.  I actually think of them as two of my best friends, and it’s hard not seeing them anywhere near as much as I used to. My summer back at home made me realize how much I appreciate getting to see them every day.  I miss having family dinners, watching Packers games, and doing homework/work together.  Even though college is such an awesome time in my life, I absolutely cherish the times that I am home now. more “Parents Weekend?”

The Good ‘Ol Office

Sometimes you just need to take a break. This week was crazy for only one reason: Old Testament test. This class is a fantastic class with one of the smartest professors and one of the smartest people I know, especially when it comes to Biblical teachings, but it is a hard class as well. So, Sunday night, Monday night, Tuesday night, and Wednesday morning were all taken up by studying for this upcoming exam. Finally, it’s Thursday and I’m done with class. more “The Good ‘Ol Office”

New Year, New Roommates

To be really honest, I was terrified when I selected “random roommate” as my preference on my housing application.  I remember thinking that it was what I always intended to do, but oh my goodness.. who in the world would I end up with?  Thankfully for me, I was paired up with someone who understands me better than most.  Someone who I ended up confiding in for everything and who I jokingly say is the only person I should ever marry because I know for sure that we can live together.  This girl actually ended up becoming the person I consider to be my best friend in college, and I chose to live with her again this year. Because we’re in Coburg, my roommate and I actually live with two other people as well, but we all have our own individual rooms. more “New Year, New Roommates”

Lakeside Luau

The Lakeside Luau was a great time to hang out with friends, get some food, climb an island tower, get a massage, or just take a few pictures!

Outdoor Haven

Two of my most favorite things are spending time outdoors and worshiping with friends through music.  For this reason alone, outdoor Haven is one of the things I would consider to be the most enjoyable  on campus.  Although it does not occur often (due to the crazy Wisconsin weather patterns), it is all the more special when it does.

If you don’t already know, Haven is a group on campus that includes multiple musically-gifted individuals who sing, and play drums, guitars and piano. more “Outdoor Haven”

Over 200 Health and Social Care Students Participate in their first IPE Program!

More than 200 students from Social Work, Physician Assistant Studies, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Nursing and Pharmacy participated in their first interprofessional education event on Tuesday evening, September 13th.  The goal of this first event is to introduce and get students excited about IPE @ CUW – they will participate in 6-8 hours of IPE programming over a 2 year period as they prepare for clinical rotations and internships.  Students assembled as a large group in Todd Wehr auditorium where they were given a brief presentation by IPE faculty champions that outlined the value of IPE,  and in particular, how team-based, interprofessional care works to reduce medical errors.

Students then broke out into 24 smaller groups (9-10 students) where faculty facilitators engaged students in small group exercises that incorporated differing “communication styles” into problem-solving and team building exercises.  Students worked on solving hypothetical “parking problems” on CUW’s campus, to building “paper chains” as a team, to debriefing and discussing as a group the ways in which good, interprofessional communication can reduce medical errors.

Student feedback was very positive both through standardized assessment tools as well as in person or through emails sent to the Office of IPE @ CUW. Feedback, whether positive or in the form of constructive criticism, is always encouraged as way to improve programming and effectively translate the importance of IPE as students build their health and social care skills here at CUW.  Congratulations to Group #16 for winning the paper chain competition, which entitled team members to a gift card, compliments of IPE @ CUW  (We want IPE to be fun as well!).

For questions or information pertaining to interprofessional education at CUW, please contact the Campus Coordinator, Michael Oldani at x2779 or at

Pre-Pharmacy Student Organization members (and event helpers) admire the paper chains.
Pre-Pharmacy Student Organization members (and event helpers) admire the paper chains in the SOP atrium.