This is nothing new, but I feel it should be stated. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. I, of course, am talking about graduating college. We all know that it happens if we are faithful to our studies and whatnot, but there are plenty of times where the end seems nowhere in sight. You get bogged down by all sorts of different stressors that make you feel like there is no end to the papers and projects and presentations. But there is. After each semester there is a graduation, and that is so encouraging. more “Graduation”


Ever seen the movie Pitch Perfect? If you haven’t you should probably get on that.. Anyways, the movie is about competitive acapella groups. Surprisingly enough we have acapella groups here on campus. Groups. As in plural. However they aren’t competitive, at least I don’t think they are. They host concerts once a semester, and I’m pretty sure I blogged about the winter concert. But spring is a whole different ball game. more “PRIZEaMania”

Doughnuts with Steve

In the fall semester there was an event the Sunday before Finals Week where students could come in and get a free late night breakfast. It was really cool and groovy. This semester they had a doughnut bar with coffee and juice, all free of course. The selling point of the event, other than the free goodies, was that all of the faculty members named Steve were there to talk and hang out. more “Doughnuts with Steve”

Time for Pie

Winning Mr. Concordia has changed some aspects of my life. A lot more people know me now. Like a lot more. There are plenty of times where I will walk down the hall and someone will know who I am and I will have absolutely no idea who they are. And that’s alright I guess. There are faculty members here that call me Mr. Concordia now, and that’s alright I guess. I mean sure sometimes I wonder if they know what my real name is, but it’s alright. Once really groovy thing that I was able to be a part of since winning Mr. Concordia was the Pie a Falcon event during the last week of regular classes. more “Time for Pie”

Resident Life Cookout

One of my favorite parts of my freshman year at Concordia was living in Wartburg (an all-girls freshman dorm).  I became friends with nearly all of the girls on my floor, and not only that, but I became extremely close with about 5 of them.  Another one of my favorite parts about living in the dorm was the view that I had of the volleyball courts at all times.  My room directly overlooked the two big sand volleyball courts that are located in the middle of the campus.  I absolutely loved this because volleyball is one of my all-time favorite sports to play and something that I spent a lot of my high school years doing. more “Resident Life Cookout”

One Last Hoorah

As the year came to a close, my rather large group of crazy friends came together one last time.  As it was the very last night before people began to move home, we sat around for about an hour (which was as much free time as we allowed ourselves during the hectic finals week) and talked about the great times that we had all had together throughout the year.  During this time, we went around in a circle and said our very favorite memory of all of us together.  Mine was our ice-skating adventure at the Pettit Center in Milwaukee on Valentine’s Day.  Although we did not necessarily do things as a giant group all of the time, we had plenty of giant get-togethers that we enjoyed quite a bit. more “One Last Hoorah”