Kammerchor’s Spring Concert

April is end of the year concert season, so I’m betting that a lot of my blog posts this month will talk about those concerts since I will either be attending or performing in many of them. The first concert of the month was Kammerchor’s spring concert. Kammerchor is Concordia’s touring choir, so each year the group goes on tour during Spring Break. This year the lucky singers went on an international tour to Italy. Their spring concert in the Chapel features the music they sang on tour, so all of us here get to hear what they performed in Italy.   more “Kammerchor’s Spring Concert”

Being Considerate

Going into my final semester at Concordia has been really interesting. I have had to make quite a few decisions about my last semester to ensure that it goes smoothly and that my future is sort of planned. This covers a lot of different areas, but none more than registration and scheduling. Next semester, my last, I will be partaking in an internship at a local church. I will be observing and becoming accustomed to what a career in the church is like. With that I need to make sure that I have a decent portion of time each day set aside so that I can actually go and do intern responsibilities. more “Being Considerate”


Something I have not done in a long time is attend a musical, and because of this fact, I was excited to go see the musical Concordia decided to put on this semester. This past weekend, from Thursday to Sunday, Hairspray was the on the stage every night and I was able to attend on Saturday at 7:30. It was very well done! more “Hairsprayed”

Concert Time Part 2

April starting means a lot of things. It means that weather in Wisconsin is unpredictable, not being able to decide between winter, spring or summer. It means that clubs and organizations on campus are wrapping things up for the year. It also means that the end of the semester is coming. With that, it means that music groups on campus are having their final concerts. more “Concert Time Part 2”

Put to the Test

(I’m sorry in advance for the picture that I chose to put with this blog.. I did not have a good opportunity to take a picture on the day of the event, so instead, please appreciate this irrelevant picture of me and my super cool cat.)

Last weekend, I decided to audition for a position as a student ambassador for the admissions department at Concordia.  I applied thinking that I had it all under control.  I am outgoing, fun-loving, and extremely chatty.  I love Concordia and I am constantly showing people around.  In addition, I love to improvise and come up with funny things to say and to do.

Surprising to me, though, the interview that I had was unlike any other that I have ever experienced.  I did not sit across the table from a current Admissions employee and tell them all about why I was right for the job.  Instead, I went through about 4 hours of doing crazy activities. more “Put to the Test”