Trips to the Movies

For me, a typical Thursday night involves a cappella rehearsal and working on assignments and…I guess that’s it. However, an alternative that’s lots more fun is visiting the Marcus North Shore Theater just a few minutes down the road. On Thursdays, students get a $5 movie and a free popcorn. It’s a popular outing for Concordia students. For just $5, you get any movie, a comfy seat to sit back in, and a free bucket of salty popcorn too.   more “Trips to the Movies”

A Good Day on a Bad Day

This weekend, we celebrated again the rising of our Lord and Savior from the grave, defeating death and the devil. What saddens me is when people only go to this service and completely forget about the Good Friday service. I want to ask them, “How did Jesus get in the grave?” Although I don’t condemn them for not going (obviously!), I want to encourage those people to attend those worship services they usually don’t, including Good Friday. more “A Good Day on a Bad Day”

He is Risen!

Holidays are great. There are no classes, there is time spent with family and friends, there are fun TV specials, and there are (hopefully) good moods. I especially enjoy Easter. It’s probably my favorite holiday in the church year. There is so much to love about Easter. It’s associated with so many wonderful things, including the ushering in of spring, nourishing rain, budding flowers, bright colors, good food, and great company. At church, exquisite flowers cover the altar, little girls are in their finest, most colorful spring dresses, and little boys look dapper in their bow ties and vests. Besides all of these lovely sights, there is one other important thing to love about Easter; the message. more “He is Risen!”

Order in the Court

One question that has always pushed me over the edge when it comes to classes we take is “When am I going to have to use this in real life?” Although I could write an entire blog on why that bugs me so much, I would rather talk about a class I’m taking right now that truly is so applicable to anyone’s life. This semester, I decided to take Interviewing Principles, mostly because I have to for my major, not knowing how important it was going to be for the rest of my life. more “Order in the Court”

First Easter Away

This Easter was historical for me because it was the first Easter I was not at home. Thankfully, I have family in Minnesota so I was able to spend my time away from home with them! The weekend started with a five-and-a-half-hour drive with my brother and another friend (who we would drop off in the Twin Cities with her family…yeah carpooling!). more “First Easter Away”

The Windy City

For Easter this year, I traveled to Chicago with my family.  I love getting to spend quality time with my immediate family because this isn’t something that happens very often anymore.  Although we only went down to the city for a short visit, we squeezed a lot in. more “The Windy City”