Finding the Joy

Sometimes we don’t like what we have to do, but God calls us to not complain and to have joy in everything he has given us responsibility to do.

Adventure Time

There are a lot of great things about CUW. So many so that I and my peers have been challenged to blog about them. One thing that CUW doesn’t have is my greatest friends. Now, please don’t read this and think that I don’t have friends here. I do. Please don’t read this and think that I don’t care about my friends that I have made here. I do. But I care about my friends outside of CUW, and I want to see them and spend time with them. Sure, there’s technology available to see each other and talk to each other, but it isn’t the same. Luckily CUW is a welcoming place, and I can invite them to come visit me! This is something that I take advantage of frequently. more “Adventure Time”

A Day of Records

Today was the last meet of the indoor track season, conference for the NACC track teams. Man was it an incredible day! Just walking around the arena at Carthage College, the cheering was almost constant, mixed with the complete silence of anticipation before the races. For myself, I ran the first racing event of the day, the distance medley relay. more “A Day of Records”

“You Got a Minute?”

Among all of the great professors at Concordia, there are always a few who make a particularly good impression. This semester, one of them is my Music History professor. Dr. Freese is a brilliant organist. He also delivers very engaging lectures. Listening to long lectures all day can get a bit old, but in Music History, it is new and delightful every time.     more ““You Got a Minute?””

Not Really Hiding

The first few weeks of school have honestly been really busy for me. I have five classes in a row on Tuesday and Thursday, and on Monday’s, Wednesday’s , and Friday’s I have a class and then take care of the homework for the other days. I also have been busy with UPCO and CMLT events and planning. Add to that all of the events that have been on campus and work, a guy just needs a place to unwind. Luckily there are many ways where I can go to lay low. more “Not Really Hiding”

Skiing with the Stars

On Friday night, my roommate named Letha and I decided to join her old youth group (from high school) on a very fun night ski trip.  We left campus during the late afternoon, and we arrived at my house (which happened to be on route to the ski resort) at around 6 P.M.  My parents were thrilled to see me and my friends, and they made a delightful home-made dinner for us to eat before we left for the night.  I was very excited to see my family and my cat, and after being away for about a month, it was great to spend some time at home. more “Skiing with the Stars”