CIT: Part 2

Since the CIT tournament is such a huge deal, I decided to use it for two blogs since there is much more to say about it through words instead of images. Again, CIT stands for Concordia Invitational Tournament, and it’s made up of four Concordias in the Midwest: Wisconsin, Chicago, Ann Arbor, and Nebraska. more “CIT: Part 2”


Concordia Invitational Tournament was this week with tons of fans, basketball, cheering, winning, and losing…all for the glory of God, of course!

Fun At Dave and Busters

There are many fun things I have done growing up. One of my most favorite memories was going to Chuck E. Cheese’s every year for my birthday. It was the time I was able to let loose and just be a kid. Just having fun was the priority, and it was the best. more “Fun At Dave and Busters”

CIT 2016 – Maddie Landgraf

My fellow Falcon Fans!

Welcome back! I want to wish you the best of luck as the start of your second semester begins!

If you have not already read up on what we have accomplished since we returned from Puerto Rico, I will give you a quick update. After our win on Wednesday, January 27 against MSOE, we are currently tied with Wisconsin Lutheran for first place in the NACC. This is right where we want to be at this point in the season. We got here by winning two big games earlier this month against WLC, as well as Benedictine. With being at such an amazing spot in conference right now and playing well, we come into CIT this weekend with our expectations of winning the championship game. more “CIT 2016 – Maddie Landgraf”

It Begins Again

It’s crazy for me to think that my second semester of college is already upon me. This time, though, I’m more than ready to begin. As I think back to just a semester prior, it’s difficult for me to believe that I didn’t know anyone from Concordia. Now, I am back at school and thrilled to see tons of my new close friends. more “It Begins Again”