World Missions

I’m a Lay Ministry/Theology major, which means that I take a lot of the religion classes offered here. I have loved all of the ones I have taken, even if some of them have been insanely difficult. My favorite class of the semester has to be World Religions with Dr. Feiertag. As one could assume from the name of the class we focus on spreading the Word of God to the far ends of the earth. This is something that I had no real concept of, knowing that there were missionaries and all but not really how they work, what they do, and what they go through. more “World Missions”

An Evening at the Lounge

November is full of fun events, especially ones that involve musical performances. Every year, CAB puts on an event called Evening at the Lounge, where individuals and groups sign up to perform a set of numbers while a lounge full of students happily sip on mocktails and eat snacks. Members of CAB serve as waiters and waitresses. They come around and take drink orders while the attendees sit and enjoy listening to the talents of many student performers. The setting allows for relaxed, quiet socializing accompanied by some great music. more “An Evening at the Lounge”

The Freshman 15

As an incoming freshman last year, I thought that since I wasn’t in high school anymore, I would no longer snack because of boredom. I thought that when I did snack, it would be healthy food.

Boy, was I wrong. After a couple of days of being on campus, I was just hungry. All the time. more “The Freshman 15”

Thanksgiving Break

Feeling a little homesick is very normal in college.  No matter who you ask, or what they tell you, they’re probably lying if they tell you that they never wish that they could go home for a night here and there.

For that reason, I want to share how important it has become for me to spend times like Thanksgiving with my family.  Although I have always made my family a priority, I have newfound appreciation for my parents and brother now that I don’t live at home. more “Thanksgiving Break”

Birthday to Remember

This past weekend, a friend invited a bunch of us over to her house for a home cooked meal, a fun night away from campus, and a birthday celebration for two of our friends. Since that kind of offer was too good to turn down, at 5:30, all 13 of us set out for a great night. more “Birthday to Remember”