The Hill Has Eyes

Weekends at Concordia can be a little quiet (especially when compared to the weekdays when everyone is on campus with classes and events), so some times it’s good to get off of campus for awhile.  One awesome way to do this (in the month of October) is to find the scariest haunted house to go to. more “The Hill Has Eyes”

Going Home

Making it to Fall Break is a big accomplishment for me. I don’t know about everyone else, but this is always the break I need the most. After the first two months of classes, I am more than ready to spend a few days at home.  It’s always rough making it through midterms to get to that point where I am free for a while. By the time I take my last test, I miss my mom and cat so much all I can think about is getting home. more “Going Home”

When Camp Takes Over

One of the best things about going to school here in Wisconsin, and so close to Milwaukee, is that people want to come visit. I worked at Camp Luther this past summer and met some great friends. The only bad thing is that summer eventually does end, and while a good group of the summer staff does go here, most do not. We have people that go to school in state and even some from out of state. What’s really cool is that a good portion of them come here to visit. more “When Camp Takes Over”

So Many Faces

This Monday was the day many people were looking forward to, ready, and prepared for: Faces of Depression. Different groups of people have done many things for this day to be special. Professors had to organize the whole thing. Peer leaders of Psychology 101 had to provide statistics, come up with ideas for the opening devotion, gather and organize speakers, make sure all art is turned in and well done, and the event goes smoothly. And lastly, students, including myself, had to prepare art for the art exhibit. more “So Many Faces”

Sick Kicks

There are plenty of sporting events to go to while here. Recently my roommates and I have taken a liking to going to the male and female soccer teams. Both teams are playing fantastic soccer. The women’s team is 11-1-2 with a conference record of 7-0 and a 9 game win streak. The guys are currently 12-2-1, with a 6-1 conference record. I currently had a chance to watch a guy’s game, and they crushed their opponent. My roommate and I got to the game a little after it started, but we had already scored a goal. By the time we had left the game at half time the team was already up 6-0. While we didn’t stay for the entire game because of that dreaded word  that starts with an H that no one should say, ever, we did get to see some really great goals. One goal was shot from behind the larger goalie box. more “Sick Kicks”