7 Highlights of the International Program

If you plan on studying in the USA as an international student, you are about to make a big decision! As a friendly, safe, and engaging school, Concordia University is a great option. We have an exclusive partnership with SchoolApply – a new, simple and secure way of applying.

Whether you are considering Concordia or you are already here, check out these 7 highlights of an international education through Concordia University:

1. Relationships

During your time in the USA, it is important that you feel at home. Concordia offers several organizations that allow you to connect with American students, as well as other international students. Meet some of Concordia’s English-speaking students through CHAT (Conversations Happen All the Time). CHAT brings American and international students together at a weekly lunch and plans fun events throughout the year, including a traditional American Thanksgiving dinner. As a part of Campus Ministry, the leaders of CHAT welcome conversations about religion and the Bible. It is also important for you to connect with international students like you. Remain close to your cultural customs through Asian Culture Club, Ni Hao Chinese Club, and Saudi Students Club. These groups are primarily led by fellow international students, but are open to all students. Concordia cares about encouraging friendships that will last a lifetime.

2. Classes Just for You

If you want to study in the USA but your language skills are not ready for English-speaking classrooms, then Concordia’s English Language Institute (ELI) is for you! This program prepares you for the transition into full-time academic study. The ELI helps international students learn English, transition into American life, and succeed in the USA. ELI teachers are well-trained, experienced, and friendly. Before your first class starts, Concordia prepares you for the classroom.

3. Academic Support

If you want extra help in a particular class, you can count on the Learning Resource Center (LRC) to support you. Do you need help writing a paper? At the Writing Center, you can ask for one-on-one advice. Are you a graduate student? Graduate students can get help on their papers without coming to campus through the Online Writing Lab (OWL). Do you struggle in certain classes? Supplemental Instruction provides study sessions for especially difficult classes in Nursing, Biology, Math, Accounting, and Chemistry. These are only a few of the many ways that the LRC is available to fit your needs. While you attend regular classes, Concordia continues to assist your academic progress.

4. Two All-American Locations

You want an authentic American experience. We have two university locations in safe, small-town communities, yet close to large cities: Mequon, Wisconsin and Ann Arbor, Michigan! At Concordia University Wisconsin, explore big city attractions in Milwaukee. Milwaukee is home of the Brewers, a professional baseball team, the Milwaukee Art Museum, and the Harley-Davidson Museum. At Concordia Ann Arbor, discover the city of Detroit. Detroit is known for the Lions, a professional football team, its auto industry, and Detroit Historical Museum. Because of our schools’ locations, you get to experience many different aspects of the USA. Concordia has what you are looking for in Wisconsin and Michigan.

5. Activities Outside the Classroom

Being part of Concordia University is about more than attending classes. Join your international and American friends in all the clubsintramural sports, and activities that Concordia offers. Because, as a private school, Concordia is smaller than most public universities, you have more opportunities to be involved in different activities. Have you ever tried volleyball, ultimate frisbee, yoga, pep band, or volunteering? You can enjoy all of them! Now is the time to explore your interests.  At Concordia, you become a part of our engaging community.

6. Staff Dedicated to You

It can be a challenge to understand all of the academic and legal steps involved in attending a foreign university. At Concordia University, you will not be alone! Every student is assigned a personal adviser, who will help you make decisions regarding your education. Staff at the Concordia International Center (CIC) are available with information that pertains directly to international students. You can ask questions about visa requirements, your status in the USA, and leads on housing options. Everyone at the CIC is welcoming and eager to help you succeed. Concordia provides you with the support you need.

7. All Are Welcome

Did you know that 34 countries are represented at CUW? Concordia is proud to host a successful International Program. Faculty, staff, and students are grateful for all of our international students because your presence enriches the lives of everyone you meet! Whether an undergraduate or graduate student, you are welcome here. We are excited to get to know you and learn about your culture. Concordia has a place for you.

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