The Future is Now: Concordia Students and IPE in the (local) News!

Health and Social care students were recently highlighted in feature article in the April 2016 edition of Mequon-Thiensville Today.  The article pointed to how CUW students are engaging in interprofessional learning events at the Mequon campus in order to learn about other professions and how to better communicate within a team-based environment.   The article also discussed how CUW is 100% committed to “interprofessional education” (IPE): providing learning opportunities and IPE certificates that will prepare students to enter their chosen career and vocations with the ability to work in team-based environments.  The article is provided here: Local Press on IPE.

If you are a current CUW student or are a future/prospective student and have more questions and would like more information on IPE @ CUW, please contact the Campus Coordinator of IPE, Michael Oldani (




If you are a health and social care student at CUW (e.g., physician assistant studies, pharmacy, OT, PT, social Work, nursing, etc.) you are need to help our OT students participate in the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod (LCMS) Triannual national meeting in Milwaukee, WI, on July 9th.  Over 4000 delegates, Pastors and church members will gather in Milwaukee and on Saturday (the 9th) CUW students along with Concordia Plan Plan Services will host a 5 hour health and wellness fair.  CUW students will provide interactive stations for LCMS members to engage in that will focus on Nutrition, Exercise/Physical Activity, Sleep & Rest, Stress Reduction & Mental Health, Diabetes Management and Ageing Well.  Interested students can contact professor Katrina Serwe in the Occupational Therapy Department at CUW (  She is teaching in OT course this summer and her OT students are organizing the event.  You will be partnered with OT students depending on your profession and/or interests.  (This is a great opportunity to acquire IPE hours, complete service/experiential learning requirements, and/or to simply experience the benefits of promoting wellness to interested people!) You can also contact the Campus Coordinator of Interprofessional Education (IPE @ CUW) – Michael Oldani (